Vincent Bova - Artist

Auto Biography

I've gotten a very late start in my art career.  I started a family when I was very young, and have worked art related jobs for most of my life.  More recently I have been in banking fo 18 years while meagerly doing an occasional painting or sculpture.  Now it's my time to do what I love most and I'm going for it.


I've had some commercial success as an artist doing baseball sketch cards for both Topps and Leaf.  I've also done figurines for production for Gartaln USA and Prosports, a division of Dave Grossman collectibles. Doing sports art has combined my passion for baseball with my artwork.  I enjoy doing other sports as well, but baseball was my first love.  Watch for my style to develop and change rapidly as I have never pursued my art on a fulltime basis.  Let's go !

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